Our Services


Comprehensive Eye Exam

Exam includes glasses prescriptions and eye health evaluation. We evaluate for allergies, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. 

Contact Lens Exam

We work with you to find a compatible contact lens that meets your visual and comfort needs.

Pediatric Exam

Because studies have found 1 out of 4 children has an undetected vision problem, an eye examination is recommended starting at age 3 to evaluate for refractive error, strabismus, and amblyopia. 

Medical Eye Exam

Same day appointments available for office visits to address new onset of red eyes, sudden increases of floaters or loss of vision.

Dry Eye Exam 

Just because Los Angeles is dry, doesn’t mean your eyes have to be! We evaluate and find the most up to date dry eye treatments. 

Computer Vision Exam

Over 140 million Americans work on a computer daily. If you suffer from digital eye strain, you may be experiencing computer vision syndrome.

Diabetic Eye Exam

Diabetes can harm your eyes. It can damage the small blood vessels in your retina, or the back of your eye. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy. We have the equipment that can check the back of your eye better than your regular doctor can. Call us to schedule your annual diabetic eye exam. 

LASIK/Cataract Co-Management

Interested in waking up with clear vision? We work with the best surgeons to co-manage your pre- and post-surgery care.